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At your facility or ours, we can work with your students to teach simple, confidence-building skills in a controlled setting that will improve fitness, balance, coordination and mindset.

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We don’t just motivate students to try harder. We sharpen their personal awareness towards safety and understanding.

The Bully-Defence Workshops help students feel more positive about what they ‘can do’, gaining appropriate and empowering verbal and physical skills to respond positively to potentially violent and dangerous situations.

The skills gained reduce the possibility of a student either passively accepting or conversely reacting in an overly negative violent manner to threatening or intimidating behaviour.
Our 5-Week or 10-Week programs can be integrated into the school's programming to provide a fun, exciting and engaging experience for the students to build their fitness, learn new skills and develop strong leadership skill. 

The program fits the year 7 - 10 PDHPE Syllabus and P.A.S.S. Programming
Crossroads and other year 11 & 12 Professional Development Sports Activities. 

The Achieve Anything Breakthrough Experience is Australia's leading motivational, physical and life skills seminar for high school students. It's been featured on Channel 10's The Project and local newspapers for its successes in effectively engaging and empowering young people.

The program covers topics including:
- Motivation and Goal setting
- Self-Confidence
- Leadership, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence
- Being Men and Women of society
- Career and Interview Skills
- Peak Performance Psychology
- Breaking through your limitations.. literally

Outcomes Of School & College Programs
  • Developed awareness and prevention skills to reduce the likelihood of being attacked and understanding threatening body language
  • ​Use of a range of safety strategies that reduce confusion and fear.
  • Fear / crisis management skills so students become empowered and more positive in uncertain situations with better decision making skills.
  • ​Ability to respond effectively to feeling uncomfortable or at risk through the use of verbal and physical skills.
  • Positive change in the attitude and behavior of students.
“Invincible Worldwide has been nothing but a positive experience for the students attending the workshops. Within a short period of time, students have showed a positive change in behaviour. They’re willing to participate in group activities and have shown increases in their confidence. Alan and his team are extremely approachable, easy-going and very motivated. They inspire the students to push their limits. I recommend the program to all schools. It is a beneficial workshop that most importantly shows positive results in students. It is EXCELLENT!”

Catherine Duncan - Former Deputy Principal of Liverpool Girls High School
"The Invincible Worldwide Team are absolutely engaging with the youth. The Coaches know how to truly motivate and inspire them to be better men and women for society. The are professional and the best at what they do!" 

- Chris Coles, White Ribbon Ambassador
"We were really happy with the program and felt it was of value for the children as an activity during the school holidays. We would definitely encourage children to come along and attend a workshop or class with Invincible Worldwide. We have already let other organisations know that it was a fun, healthy, and engaging activity." 

- Stephanie Skinner, Enriching Kids Program Coordinator for The PARKS Community Network
“It has been a great experience for my students. The program is highly motivational and inspiring. The workshop is brilliant. The students engage well and enjoy all aspects of it. Alan is incredible. He inspires students and motivates them to succeed in life. His team are a great support and work great with the students.” 

- Lee Studdert, Links to Learning Coordinator
“I thoroughly recommend Invincible World Wide to come to a school for a workshop. The team managed the students with professionalism and with respect. They maintained the attention of the students and continued to extend the students comfort zones with excellent results. The staff who watched were impressed and the students who attended spoke highly of the workshop. The youthfulness and dynamic of the team was an asset giving more opportunities for connection."

- Imelda Eames, Katoomba High School
Will the facilitators take measures to ensure COVID Safety?
Yes. Our Coaches are COVID-Safety Certified and ensure proper distancing is maintained. We have training aids and equipments that prevent contact and ensures safety of all participants. 

How many students can you cater for?
We can run programs for up to 250 students at once. We can also run smaller workshop groups of up to 30 students in a class. 

Does the Program align with the NSW Syllabus?
Our balanced approach to learning matches the PDHPE Syllabus in many key areas, for example:
Stage 4 – Physical Activity, Bullying and Harassment, Bullying, Protective Strategies, Relationship Dangers, etc.
Stage 5 – PASS, Risky Relationships, Movement, Skill and Performance, Relaxation, Lifelong Physical Activity
Stage 6 – Health, Fitness Choices, Violence and Internet Dangers

What equipments would you need?
We provide all training equipments and training aids. If we are running a Motivational Seminar, then we would require a Projector/Screen and audio systems.

Are the facilitators verified with Working With Children's Check?
Yes. All of our Coaches have WWCC numbers and are also fully accredited to teach and facilitate programs with high quality.

Can you work with Support Unit or Special Needs groups?
Yes. Our team has experience in working with support unit and special needs groups.

Do you run school programs at your facility?
Yes. We can run programs at our own fully equipped facility in Wetherill Park. The address is 1/30 Elizabeth St, Wetherill Park. 

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